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Music Lessons

Music is a meeting point for people who love to appreciate their shared joys. It is a form of expression that's timeless but getting things started
can take time and effort.
Worry Not!


We've got something special FOr you budding virtuosos.

We're offering curated music Courses Taught to you by
some of the finest musicians in Kolkata.

One-on-One or Group classes,
You choose!

Guitar Lessons

1 on 1 Guitar Lessons



4 Sessions a Month

Valid for one month

Picking up the skills to make a six string feel alive is a shared goal among many


make it a reality with us.

Chaitown provides lessons for both acoustic and electric guitar, every week through private 1:1 sessions that can be held at our center in Chaitown Community

We want to bring curated guitar lessons from talented indie music acts from around Kolkata so that you can find your own niches of self expression.

PIANO Lessons

Whether it's the heart of the orchestra or the life of a party, the art of playing piano has the power to transform settings into scenes.

It is one of the most complex instruments in the world and it has the ability to help us express ourselves across the breadth of entire musical scales. 

Whether it's classical or electronic, our course will guide you through the basics as well as the essential skills needed to help guide you toward becoming a maestro in your own right.

1:1 Beginner Piano Lessons



4 Sessions a Month

Valid for one month

1:1 Advanced Piano Lessons



4 Sessions a Month

Valid for one month

Vocal Lessons

Our voice is a window into the soul, and self expression through music is a tale as old as the trees. It's something we all do, when things are feeling high or even low. Singing is an art that needs practice, guidance and a little bit of inspiration.

We're here to give you that with the help of talented vocalists from around the city.

Chaitown is providing curated courses for vocalists in training- to help you raise the bar on what it means to perform.

1 on 1 Vocal Lesson - 2 Sessions



2 Sessions a Month

Valid for one month

1 on 1 Vocal Lesson - 4 Sessions



4 Sessions a Month

Valid for one month

Group Vocal Classes